Sports Injury

How a Sports Injury Chiropractor Can Help Improve Your Performance

Athletes train hard day in and day out to increase their performance and competitiveness on the field. Yet maximizing competitiveness is easier said than done, and if you should get injured, your performance could suffer greatly. Fortunately, athletes can work with sports injury chiropractors to resolve injuries and even increase their athletic performance. If you're looking for a sports injury chiropractor who serves Chapel Hill, NC, and other areas nearby, come see Dr. Gregory Yurkovich at Chapel Hill Family Chiropractic. He has helped countless athletes recover from injuries.

Why Rest Often Isn’t Enough With Sports Injuries

If you suffer a hard collision on the field or take a bad tumble, you might think that a few days of rest will be enough to recover. In some cases, this may prove true. Often, however, further treatment is needed to permanently resolve the aches and strains.

It’s possible that your spine, joints, or other muscles and tissues were knocked out of alignment when you suffered the injury. If so, rest and respite may not be enough to provide lasting relief and healing. Even if the pain seems to go away, it could quickly return because your spine or other bones and tissues are still misaligned.

You might also take pain medications, which can cover up pain and reduce inflammation. Unfortunately, however, if your tissues and bones are misaligned, the pain will likely return. You may take more pain medications, but there’s a risk that they may become less effective. Further, medications may affect your performance on the field. A better solution is to address underlying issues through chiropractic care.

In need of a sports injury chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC? Get in touch with Dr. Yurkovich at Chapel Hill Family Chiropractic. He may be able to provide lasting pain relief while also encouraging quick recovery.

How a Sports Injury Chiropractor Can Help

Rather than masking pain, chiropractors work to resolve the underlying issues causing strains and aches. A chiropractor can provide hands-on treatment to adjust the spine, for example, ensuring that it’s properly aligned. This can reduce strain on your muscles and nerves.

Chiropractors can also relieve muscle tension through hands-on treatment, and Dr. Yurkovich offers myofascial release. Cold pack therapy and similar treatments may reduce swelling and spur healing. Electrical muscle stimulation can be used to reduce tension and strengthen muscles. The right stretches and exercises can also reduce pain and increase mobility, which can pay off on the field or court. We also provide customized orthotics for better foot support.

If you'd like to schedule an appointment with a sports injury chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC, call 919-929-4244. Dr. Yurkovich at Chapel Hill Family Chiropractic would be happy to discuss treatment options.

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