Spine Care

Whether you’re ready to kick pain to the curb or are looking to improve your health, spine specialist Dr. Gregory Yurkovich and the team at Chapel Hill Family Chiropractic in Chapel Hill, NC, can help you achieve your goal.

Relieves Various Types of Pain

A chiropractor is a very invaluable resource for relieving both acute and chronic neck pain and back pain. This is essential, as back pain is one of the top reasons for missed work, and neck pain is becoming more common due to digital device usage.

However, back pain and neck pain aren’t all that chiropractic care addresses. A spine specialist can also help with headaches, restricted range of motion, shoulder pain, and much more.

Employs Natural Methods

Chiropractic spine specialists focus on providing the most natural methods of relief. The techniques Dr. Yurkovich utilizes remove restrictions in the body so that the natural healing processes can take place. This can reduce or eliminate your reliance on pain medications as well as prevent unnecessary surgery.

Improves Posture

Good posture doesn’t just make you appear taller and more confident. It also has a direct impact on your spine and the rest of your body. However, practicing proper posture can be difficult when injuries are present or when poor posture is a habit. Fortunately, spine specialists can help correct any issues that impact your posture as well as help you strengthen your back and core, making proper posture an easier thing to manage.

Improves General Health and Wellness

Even if you don’t realize it, your spine plays an integral role in your general health. When there is pain or an injury, it can negatively impact your mood, energy levels, and more, but that is just one part of the puzzle.

Your spine hosts your spinal cord – the grouping of nerves that control your body’s functions. Unfortunately, when there is an issue with your spine, it can damage or compress your nerves, which can impair nerve function. Poor nerve function can lead to everything from ongoing health conditions to chronic pain. Visiting a spine specialist can help improve your spinal health, which can then improve your overall health and wellness.

Call (919) 929-4244 to schedule an appointment with spine specialist Dr. Yurkovich at Chapel Hill Family Chiropractic in Chapel Hill, NC, today.

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