Pregnancy Chiropractic

If you’re expecting a little one in Chapel Hill, NC, Dr. Gregory Yurkovich at Chapel Hill Family Chiropractic is the pregnancy chiropractor to have on your care team.

Facts to Know About Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

We hope your pregnancy is a blessing and a wonderful experience. However, it is very common for pregnant women to live with pain and discomfort. The good news is that chiropractic care can help with these symptoms. Unfortunately, many women lack the benefits it can provide due to a lack of knowledge or the fear of hurting their baby in the process. Below, Dr. Yurkovich and his team at Chapel Hill Family Chiropractic in Chapel Hill, NC, share some important facts about visiting a pregnancy chiropractor so that every mother can make an informed decision.

It Can Make Pregnancy a More Comfortable Journey

Pregnancy changes the body. As new life forms inside of you and grows, your body adapts to the changes to keep your developing baby healthy. However, the excess weight can put undue pressure on the spine, leading to pain, nerve compression, nausea, poor blood flow, and more. Pregnancy chiropractic care can help relieve this pressure to minimize or eliminate these symptoms.

It's Considered Safe

Though it’s always wise to check with your OB/GYN first, chiropractic care is considered safe during pregnancy. It’s even recommended by the American Pregnancy Association. Pregnancy chiropractors utilize gentle techniques and have the equipment necessary to accommodate growing bellies. All techniques used are natural, and you don’t have to worry about the twisting movements of traditional adjustments.

It Can Make Delivery and Childbirth Much Smoother

Pregnancy chiropractors help realign the spine and the pelvic area. In doing so, it allows more space for the baby to turn in the proper birth position and to move through the birth canal. This decreases the chances of a C-section and a long delivery. It can also minimize the pain women suffer from while giving birth.

It Can Even Be Beneficial for Your Baby

When the birth process isn’t smooth, it can impact your baby’s musculoskeletal system. Alignment issues in babies have been linked to many cases of colic, acid reflux, trouble sleeping, excessive crying, and more. Chiropractic care during pregnancy greatly reduces the likelihood of these issues occurring.

Give yourself a more enjoyable pregnancy and your baby a healthier start by calling (919) 929-4244 to schedule an appointment with our pregnancy chiropractor Dr. Yurkovich at Chapel Hill Family Chiropractic in Chapel Hill, NC.

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